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🐻A Fat Bear Scandal🐻

🚙On Monday we’re in Christchurch!🚙
On Monday we’re gonna be having our coffee catch up at Allpress Christchurch from 8-10am! No pressure to stay for the whole time, just come, have a filter coffee on us, and say hey!! 💘
On Wednesday Oct 19th we’re in Dunedin
7:30-9am at Allpress Dunedin Roastery 

Roadie Day 5!!!
Still in Welly and having the BEST time! Yesterday started super early with the newsy & a recording of The Shit Show with Squish, before bumbling our way out to brekkie with some pals & then zooming up to vic uni where I spoke at one of my old lectures (🥺🥺.) Then we ran around putting up posters everywhere which was super full circle because back in 2018 when we first started this thing, that’s how we got the word out!! With these cute as hell lil posters:
so cute
so cute
Then we came back into town for our coffee catch up which was the cutest thing in the world. SO many of you came to hang out with us, to the point where we filled the WHOLE upper part of the cafe and had to grab every single free seat in the building. If you were at the catch up then you already know it was the most WHOLESOME and life-giving thing in the WORLD, and if you’re thinking about coming to one in Christchurch or Dunedin, let this be your sign to do it!! It was literally a huge circle of us sharing lols & having therapy sessions & making friends. Just so cute & got us all very in ✨in our feels✨
After that, we came back to the hotel & had a quick break/ did some emails/ I took benny shopping, before making our way to an early dinner at Mabel’s - a restaurant that serves DELISH Burmese food, & then we headed up to Zealandia (a wildlife sanctuary) for a night tour.
incredible scenes
incredible scenes
This was amazing for many reasons - the glow worms, the native birds, the gherkin slugs… but the best part came at the very end when I SPOTTED A REAL LIFE KIWI!!! Everyone else was looking at some cave weta & I was distracted AF and hanging out at the back, when I looked down to my left and there was a KIWI RIGHT THERE!! So I started yelling ‘Ruby, Ruby, RUBY’ and then everyone came over and the Kiwi got SO close to us and scurried past my feet and into the bush beside us - it was AMAZING!! I’ll post a lil vid of it below:
As you can tell by reading all of that, by the time we got home at 10pm I was EXHAUSTED, so didn’t yet put together my day in the life, but I need to give you Wednesday’s so here you go!!
  • A Fat Bear Scandal
  • Speaking of fat bears, a new ep of The Shit Show for ya!
  • Two dead after shooting outside LGBT bar in Slovakia
  • Singapore jails OnlyFans creator in first such conviction
  • It’s Friday so you get horoscopes!
A fat bear scandal
Squish covered this story on The Shit Show last year, but this year it’s had it’s own cheating scandal (just like a bunch of other competitions are having at the moment.) The annual fat bear competish (where people from around the world vote for the fattest bruin at Alaska’s Katmai National Park) seems to have had a bit of a voter fraud scandal:
Katmai National Park

Like bears stuff their face with fish, our ballot box, too, has been stuffed.
Katmai National Park
It appears someone has decided to spam the Fat Bear Week poll, but fortunately it is easy for us to tell which votes are fraudulent. We have discarded the fake votes and today’s official totals are:

747: 37,940
435: 30,430
Thankfully they could tell which votes were fraudulent, and bear 747 still came out on top, but I can’t help but wonder whether the Fat Bear admins saw all the press of the chess & fishing scandals and just decided to create one of their own…. I doubt it, but you never know. Anyway, congrats to bear 747 for being the bona fide fattest bear!
the winner we deserve
the winner we deserve
Speaking of fat bears, a new ep of The Shit Show for ya!
Fat Bears, Kanye West, Missiles & F1 - The Shit Show | Podcast on Spotify
Two dead after shooting outside LGBT bar in Slovakia
Content warning: gun violence
Two people are dead after a shooting in Slovakia after a shooting outside an LGBTQ+ venue in Slovakia.
Here’s what we know about it so far:
Information on his motive has not been released. However, local media reported that he had written social media posts indicating that he held views against LGBT and Jewish people.
Also, the shooter, who has been found dead, was the son of a former candidate for a far-right political party. More info on this story here.
Singapore jails OnlyFans creator in first such conviction
In a first-of-its-kind conviction in Singapore, an OnlyFans creator has been fined S$3,00 and sentenced to three weeks in jail just for being a creator on OnlyFans.
The creator, Titus Low, was arrested in December 2021 after a woman found one of his explicit videos on her 12-year-old niece’s phone and filed a police complaint. He’s been sentenced, now, on the grounds that in Singapore it’s “illegal to transmit obscene materials by electronic means or to take part in or receive profits from a business where such materials are transmitted.”
Naturally, this has sparked a wave of ✨anxiety✨ for other OF creators in the conservative country.
And this is the second time we’ve seen a conviction like this in South-East Asia:
Mr Singh noted that the only other such conviction in the South-East Asia region he was aware of was in Myanmar, where military authorities jailed a protester last month for posting pictures on Only Fans.
It's Friday so you get horoscopes:
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