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Good morning my angels!!! Damn it felt SO good to be writing to you from a comfy bed and not a campervan yesterday - and to be working from an office that won’t make the SYSCA team feel carsick, we’re so happy to be home!!! Yesterday was a LOT of getting our ✨shit together✨ after two weeks on the road - a lot of WIPs, working on a cool tour announcement (for someone you’ll 💘love💘), recording an episode of Culture Vulture, starting to make my way through all your emails (god you’re all so 🥺🥺 and I love you), getting lunch with 🏀Dunc🏀, taking some time for a walk with Rubes, and then I headed into town to go on Between Two Beers (a Very Cool Podcast with some Very Cool Dudes.) HUGE day of mahi (work) but loved every second of it tbh!!
Still no house, still good vibes!
PS Rubes and I are off to Bali for WORK next week, and I just realised that I haven’t even told you all so… get ready for EVEN MORE ✨CHAOS✨
  • Russian court denies Brittney Griner’s appeal, sending WNBA star to a penal colony for at least 8 years
  • Adidas terminates partnership with Kanye West
  • New episode of Culture Vulture!!
  • Are you happy or just distracted?
Russian court denies Brittney Griner’s appeal, sending WNBA star to a penal colony for at least 8 years
The latest in the Brittney Griner story: her nine-year prison sentence has been held up in a Russian court. A quick refresher since it’s been a while since I’ve covered this: Brittney Griner is a WNBA star, who plays in Russia in the off-season, and was arrested back in Feb after Russian authorities found traces of cannabis oil in some vape canisters in her luggage.
Since then, she’s kinda been used as political collateral and was sentenced to nine years in prison in August. This sentence has been appealed but was just deemed ‘fair’ by a Russian court, so is going ahead. Another appeal is possible, but it’s not clear whether her lawyers will pursue it.
The White House called for Griner’s immediate release following Tuesday’s “sham judicial proceeding.”
“The president has demonstrated that he is willing to go to extraordinary lengths and make tough decisions to bring Americans home, as his administration has done successfully from countries around the world,” national security advisor Jake Sullivan wrote in a statement.
Adidas terminates partnership with Kanye West
Go off Adidas. After Ye’s recent (and fucking awful) antisemitic behaviour, Adidas has ended their partnership with him with ‘immediate effect.’
In a statement Tuesday, the sportswear maker said it “does not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech” and said that his recent comments were “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous.” Adidas said they violated the company’s “values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness.”
Both sales and production of his Yeezy products have been stopped, and Adidas have also stopped payments to Ye and his companies. The company have said they’ll be taking a $246 million hit for this decision.
This comes after Balenciaga and Vogue cut ties with him, talent agency CAA dropped him, production company MRC said it’s shelving a doco on him, and also after Ye went on a podcast and said: “I can say antisemitic s*** and Adidas cannot drop me.”
The kind of behaviour that Ye is displaying on a global level is unacceptable beyond words, and these companies are making a call and taking a stand to protect their people by dropping him - and so they should be.
New episode of Culture Vulture!!
Midnights & Militaries
Are you happy or just distracted?
I can’t remember where I saw / heard this question, but I did - about a month ago - and it kinda set off something in me, so naturally I wanted to bring it to you all! I live a very very VERY full life. Full, in the sense that the days aren’t finished until I’m exhausted, and full, in the sense that almost every interaction gives me life/ love. But one thing about me? I always need to be doing something. I’m honestly at my happiest when I’m working/ doing things, but sometimes I wonder if I’m just in a constant state of distracting myself.
Since I was about 16 I used to, almost like clockwork, get incredibly depressed about once a year. As I got older, and went through more ✨shit✨ these states got a little deeper, until I had a full on menty-b at the end of 2020 that lasted for ages and basically scared everybody (including me.) But the ONLY thing that’s ever pulled me out of these states (not therapy, not anti-depressants) is DISTRACTION. Finding something (like work, or friends, or my family taking me on holiday and showing me what life is again) is yet to fail to get me out of these (sometimes months long) lows.
I feel a lot more stable now, and like I know myself waaaay more, so the lows come far far less often, but I honestly think I’m both happy and distracted, about 90% of the time - and it really works for me. I think I’m telling you this because I think this question is such a great one to ask yourself to 💘check in💘 so:
are you happy, or just distracted?
Currently being distracted by this:
Succession Season 4 | Official Teaser | HBO Max
Succession Season 4 | Official Teaser | HBO Max
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