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First of all this is the last newsy for a week or so as I travel across the world to San Francisco and then Austin Texas!!! I’m gonna miss you all, but I’m equally in need of a break (despite the fact that I’ll still be working while I’m over there.) I have downloaded plenty of trashy shows, packed up a bunch of unread New Yorkers, and charged my Switch for the journey (can anyone else not sleep on planes??? Not good for someone who gets incredibly bored incredibly quickly!)
PS!!! You won’t have me in the newsy next week but you can follow my journey on TikTok!!!! I’ll make you some vids okay!?!?
We also have a super spesh bonus episode of Culture Vulture coming to you next Wednesday with a super spesh person, and some super spesh TikToks to go along with that too, so make sure you’re following all of the above 👀
  • A lil bit of housekeeping
  • Bel Chimes In: On making difficult decisions. What would your dead self say?
  • Twitter shareholders approve $44bn Musk deal
  • It’s Thursday, but you still get horoscopes!
  • Do you prefer your ice-cream in a cone or a cup?
A lil bit of housekeeping
I fear that in my week of just-holding-on-ness I have been making a lot of mistakes - one of them being giving you a broken link to the KidsCan newsy yesterday! Sorry! Here’s the proper link!! You should sign up to see who your money is feeding and how much impact you’re making 🥺
Women’s Rugby World Cup!
Last night Liv and I went to a LOVELY dinner to celebrate our wonderful wāhine and the fact that we’re hosting the women’s Rugby World Cup!!! I wanted to check in and see if any of you are going to any matches/ if you’ll be tuning in from your home country?? I WILL BE!! Let me know!!!
Bel Chimes In: On making difficult decisions. What would your dead self say?
Honestly? I love being back here every week so much. Thanks for having me, listening, your divine replies and at any point please let me know if there’s anything you’d love a Chime about outside of what springs out of a flat white or a white wine spritzer convo with the SYSCA gals whenever we get a chance. 
OK, this time round, A LOT has happened and I don’t want to bore you with my life like a slideshow of someone’s holiday they make you watch, but I also want to give you cute Chime updates that make you feel nice/seen/heard/less alone in the world. Mystery is sexy after all, we’ve talked about that.
Anyway. It’s been a big week for ya gal, joining Luce in our Battle Of The Ad Bands band and picking back up my teenage music dreams (have we spoken before about how I used to be a drummer in a band? Another time…) and getting back on the percussion like I’m 16 again and nothing else matters.
In between sets (you may be getting School of Rock vibes and you wouldn’t be wrong) and the gorge melodies coming out of Luce’s mic (us trying to convince the boys to learn a cover of Shania Twain), we talked about this strange world we live in and whether or not I should write about this here. As always, the answer was yes. This one’s about making difficult decisions.
This week, something bizarre happened. Four of my close girl friends all ended our romantic endeavours within the space of seven days. All for various reasons. At various levels of rip-my-heart-from-my-body, which lead to this in the group chat:
And the thing that hit me the most about the ordeal, and what will be unpacked as we sit together hooning red wine and tearing apart pizza on Friday night, was how making difficult decisions is so fucking tough. Ergh. How the hell are we meant to know?
I think we’re afraid to let go of a good thing (or even sometimes not even good, just, a thing) in case something better never comes along and then we’ll be found on a beach sometime in our late 70s regretting that thing we did all those years ago and now we’re alone and nothing means anything. But on the other hand, if something isn’t right, the un-rightness of it all can become so consuming other parts of life stop making sense. What the hell is one to do? 
I’ve seen this being described in articles a lot as a millennial/Gen Z phenomena, blaming the internet for making us feel like there’s always something better and new out there to do and see and know and love and that we should learn to shut the hell up and be content with what life serves you. I think part of that’s a little bit true, but also part not and I wanted to give you something else to think about instead:
I learned this thing when I was training as a yoga teacher (going back to my Julia Roberts roots, I know, but hear me out), which I think about all the time. It’s the idea that the body just knows. There’s a theory that on one side of you is your dead self and the other is the future self and when you’re trying to make a decision about something really tough, you turn to your dead self and ask it what would it think? It’s not meant to be bleak, but more the idea that immediately, you have a sense of knowing. The confusion is often clouded in our difficulties letting go and our fear of things we can’t control. The answer was there all along. Simple, but true, no? Would love to hear your thoughts.
My last piece of advice is that I read a really gorge book on holiday called Conversations on Love by Natasha Lunn and if you’re going through a heart thing — romantic, friend, baby, grief, parents, family — this is what you need.
Til next week — Hope you’re heart’s ok. Mine’s good, but just off to lock it up and throw it in the sea for a hot minute. Be back soon xo
Twitter shareholders approve $44bn Musk deal
You thought this whole ordeal was over? Same. The last time we reported on it Elon was trying to pull out of the Twitter deal, but Twitter vowed to sue. After all, Elon can’t just waltz on in, offer a huge chunk of money to buy his favourite online playground, send the world into a frenzy, and then pull out… can he? Not if Twitter has their way. Twitter’s shareholders have just approved the Elon deal, meaning they’re going to try to force Elon to buy the company in the courts.
Elon is set to go to court in Delaware in October, so we’ll check back in then! How buzzy that we went from not wanting Elon to be able to buy the social media giant, and now he’s being… forced to?
New episode of Culture Vulture!
Breakdowns & Nepotism Babies
It's Thursday, but you still get horoscopes!
Do you prefer your ice-cream in a cone or a cup?
  • 51% say cone
  • 49% say cup
See you when I'm back, plz send me cute things and updates about the world/ you're life while I'm gone!
Luce xxxxxx
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