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🚙Tomorrow we’re hosting a coffee catch up in Wellington!🚙
Tomorrow we’re gonna be hosting our cute lil coffee catch up at Egmont Street Eatery from 12-2pm! No pressure to stay for the whole time, just come, have a filter coffee on us, and say hey!! 💘
On Monday Oct 17th we’re in Christchurch:
8-10am at Allpress Christchurch 
On Wednesday Oct 19th we’re in Dunedin:
7:30-9am at Allpress Dunedin Roastery 

Roadie Day 3!!
So yesterday was our first day in our campervan (officially named Shit You Should Camp About - Bertha for short) and it was a LONG DAY OF DRIVING! We started in Auckland and somehow by 1pm we were only just leaving HAMILTON (for those of you who don’t know, Hamilton is only about two hours away - if that.) Maybe we were mucking around, maybe we were just romanticising every moment too much… I’ll let you decide after you watch yesterday’s day in the life.
Shit You Should Camp About in all her beauty
Shit You Should Camp About in all her beauty
We continued on to Taupō, stopped for a lil look at Huka falls, bought some snacks, laughed at my SHOCKING parking and then started back on the road again. We got onto Desert Road and by this time we were blasting the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman and prepping ourselves to see some gorgeous mountains, but it was… foggy as hell driving through there - classic.
Then I pulled over to fuel us up but stopped at a TRUCK STOP so really awkwardly drove across the road with my tail between my legs (or tyres between my… idk) and Ben (my lil bro/ lil helper) fueled us up. We continued the journey - in the rain now (talk about four seasons in one day) and drove past SO MANY LAMBS AND CALVES!! One thing about NZ??? More sheep than there are people. I think the stat is for every one person there are four sheep, and truly, the world is better that way.
We continued driving til about 9pm (including through Wellington city which was potench the most hilarious part of the day because campervans are NOT BUILT for inner cities) when we finally dropped Shit You Should Camp About off because ✨plot twist✨: the angels at WellingtonNZ have kindly accommodated us while we’re in Wellington at one of the vibiest hotels I’ve ever stayed in (thanks Maddy you actual angel)???? It’s called Naumi and it’s sparkly and bright and very on brand for us. I’ll admit, by the time we got in, the whole crew were dead women walking, so more on all of this tomorrow - I promise!
Watch the chaos of today unfold (and get a tour of the north island while you’re at it):
  • An assignment that grades you on how good you are at editing out your own acne???
  • G7 countries will back Kyiv ‘for as long as it takes’
  • WTF is going on with Matty Healy and Triple J?
  • New Episode of Culture Vulture: The Final Take On Don’t Worry Darling
  • A really nice article about us & our origins 🥺
  • Bumble is bringing ‘Ted Lasso’ dating app Bantr to life
An assignment that grades you on how good you are at editing out your own acne??? Wtf
The other night the gals and I were out for dinner, catching up about each other’s lives (as you do) and one of our besties who’s studying design told us about an assignment she’s doing right now where they’re learning how to retouch photos. This part of the story is fine - as much as I’m against airbrushing models etc, I understand that this might be something one needs to learn to get into some industries. What wasn’t fine was that she said part of the assignment was to take a selfie and airbrush any acne/ imperfections out of it. WHAT???
We were all BLOWN AWAY that this was something they had actually been asked to do - to take, submit, and then be graded on how good you are at editing yourself?? Not only would this literally make you zoom in on and examine your own ‘imperfections’ but how is someone meant to grade it?? On how perfect you look in the end?? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder or something like that? Anyway I was just blown away that this was a real life assignment and thought I’d better talk to you all about it, because that’s what pen pals do xxxx
New Episode of Culture Vulture: The Final Take On Don't Worry Darling
The Final Take On Don’t Worry Darling - Culture Vulture
G7 countries will back Kyiv 'for as long as it takes'
Yesterday you read my latest update on what’s happening in Ukraine (Russia were seeking ‘revenge’ after a bridge explosion), today leaders of the G7 group (more on them below) have said they will back Ukraine for “as long as it takes” in the wake of Monday’s major Russian missile strikes.
“We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military, diplomatic and legal support and will stand firmly with Ukraine for as long as it takes,” the group said in a statement.
Luce lesson! The G7 (or the group of 7) is an ✨inter-governmental political forum✨ made up of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States (the EU are also there in spirit, just not counted.) They’re also a pretty rich group, making up over 50% of global net wealth. There ya go!
WTF is going on with Matty Healy and Triple J?
Ok so the other day I was in the car chatting to Rubes and Liv when I saw a story pop up about Matty Healy vs Triple J and… it kinda felt like it wasn’t true?? The story was that there is kinda a feud between The 1975’s Matty Healy & riple j (the Australian broadcaster) and it turns out it’s… very true.
So triple J made a post about the 1975 coming to tour NZ & Australia on Instagram, and Matty took a screenshot of the post and added a caption: “Play our music then before you start licking our arse just cos you’ve finally realised we’re mint.”
He also commented on their instagram post about them playing laneway saying: 
Healy seemed to continue on Twitter (I can’t verify if this account is him or not, but most media outlets are reporting on it as if it is so maybe take this with a grain of salt.) 
If you get a chance to scroll that Twitter account (which I really hope is Matty because it’s incredibly unhinged and hilar) you’ll get a good chuckle.
Anyway, it seems Matty isn’t happy with triple J because they aren’t playing his music, but this reaction kinda feels like it must run a bit deeper? If anyone knows more, fill ya girl in!
A really nice article about us & our origins 🥺
The wonderful women at Capsule wrote a lil something about SYSCA and it’s super cute so HERE!!
Bumble is bringing 'Ted Lasso' dating app Bantr to life
Bumble and Ted Lasso is an iconic duo and this is just really great marketing. Remember when Rebecca used Bantr to meet _____ (I don’t wanna give any spoilers), but the app is anonymous (you’re automatically matched with someone based on your search preferences) so neither of them knew they were talking to each other? Well, Bumble is bringing that to life until the end of the year to promote Ted Lasso and it’s just kinda genius. More on this here for my Ted Lasso fans in the house!
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