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Finland’s PM Is Not Sorry For Party Rocking



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Angels! What’s up? How are you?? Me? I’m feeling like less of a worn-out woman than I was at the end of last week, but no doubt I’ll be crashing and burning again by Friday! My weekend was lovely - as I mentioned earlier the SYSCA gals got all dolled up for the Voyager Awards (NZ’s media awards) on Saturday night and the whole day beforehand was honestly giving High School Musical’s “Night to Remember”/ Year 13 formal vibes. I didn’t realise the award we were up for was the LAST OF THE NIGHT, so stayed a bit more sober than I otherwise would have (incredibly good for the hangxiety)!! Now, while we didn’t win the awards, we got a huuuuuuge shout out/ special mention which was vibey and cute, and even cuter just to be there lapping it all up as these lil underdogs from Blenheim eh???
On Sunday I slept in (naturally), took a hot girl walk to listen to Beyoncé and find a geocache (had to enlist Hayden to help me find it), played my silly lil keyboard, made a lot of really bad TikTok’s and took it v slow. A gorg day tbh!
At this point all I have left to show you is Chiara’s kitty Burrito reading the newsy (you are everything to me):
  • Andrew Tate has been removed from Instagram and Facebook (and I’m ready to stop talking about him)
  • The daughter of one of Putin’s allies was killed on the way home from an art festival
  • Finlands PM got caught partying…  so what?
  • Do you know what a lolly scramble is?
  • Liv’s leftovers
Andrew Tate has been removed from Instagram and Facebook (and I’m ready to stop talking about him)
I feel like we’ve certainly done our dash on Andrew Tate and I can’t wait to stop talking about him, but because I’m an incredibly talented, cute, funny, educated and cool journalist, I will follow up this story because you deserve to know how it’s unfolding. The latest? Andrew Tate has been removed from both Instagram and Facebook.
Also, the “affiliate programme” associated with “Hustler’s University” (which was where you’d make money by sharing videos of Tate and signing other people up) has been closed. Winning!
There’s really not that much to add at this point (except for good riddance!) and if you want any more deets you should listen to me and Squish wrap it all up for you in this pod ep!
Andrew Tate, Explained - The Shit Show
Finlands PM got caught partying… so what?
Not to make this about me but this whole story is one of the 679854762089 reasons I would never/ could never be in any position of power (other than leading the very graceful and forgiving SYSCAhood, duh.) So the story goes like this: Sanna Main, Finland’s 36-year-old Prime Minister has been facing criticism after ​”two videos appeared in which she sings and dances at a party with friends and another enjoying herself in a private VIP room of a well-known club in Helsinki.” Critics of these videos were suggesting that it tainted her ‘personal and political judgement’ (which sounds v similar to everyone who said that us posting harry styles delegitimises everything else we do….) Sanna came out to defend herself by saying she did nothing but “dance, sing, hug my friends and drink alcohol”. “I hope that in the year 2022 it’s accepted that even decision-makers dance, sing and go to parties.”
And so true. If I’d led a nation through the past few years (she’s been PM since 2019) I’d be out blowing off some steam too. And also - why do we stop seeing people as people as soon as they get certain titles??? It’s giving: ‘there’s no way my 25-year-old teacher would ever have a life/ a partner/ a TikTok account/ go clubbing.’ To be hurt about this is… kid behaviour!! 
Anyway, women have been coming out in support of their gal Sanna and posting videos of themselves partying to show their solidarity and I’m here for every second of it.
Very Finnish Problems
Love it! Danish women are posting videos of themselves partying while tagging Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

To show “Solidarity with Sanna” https://t.co/8gsUTuROLJ
The daughter of one of Putin’s allies was killed on the way home from an art festival
I know, I don’t like starting Mondays off with war chat either, but this is life isn’t it?? Darya Dugina is the daughter of a Russian philosopher “Alexander Dugin” (who is known as “Putin’s brain”) and was killed when a bomb exploded in her car on the way home from a “family art festival” where she and her father were invited as guests of honour.
Whenever stories like this come across my radar it really jolts me out of whatever weird fatigue I’m feeling about wars/viruses/ the news in general and reminds me to think about the other people involved (who are often treated as ‘collateral’ in wartime.) Darya Dugina is the daughter of a man who is incredibly close to Putin, yes. Does that mean that (even if it was unintentional) she should have lost her life in this mess? Absolutely not. Not a hot take, I know, but a human one.
You must watch this:
Nardwuar vs. Harry Styles
Nardwuar vs. Harry Styles
Do you know what a lolly scramble is?
Bizarrely, 75% of you DON’T KNOW WHAT A LOLLY SCRAMBLE IS!! And you also had some hilarious guesses. Here are some of the things you thought it might be (and also just some funny comments):
  • “this sounds like scrambles eggs with lollypops broken inside, and I’m glad to see that’s not the case”
  • “It’s Lord of the Flies with lollies”
  • “The only time I’ve desperately wanted a fruit burst”
  • “is this a candy salad” kinda
  • “Haven’t heard of a lolly scramble, but where I’m from in Scotland it was common on someone’s wedding day for the bridal car to have a coin scramble as it left the house. They’d through out loads of coins and all the kids would go nuts it was brilliant.”
  • “i love how all these quizzes are just educating everyone else in the world on new zealand culture” only the best for our readers/followers!!
  • “I’m gonna make a sequel to Squid Game called Lolly Scramble”
  • “Who doesn’t love being pelted with lollies from a shitty shed roof and scrapping all the other kids for the best ones”
  • “Best part was pre-germs phobia and you would have a lolly scramble on the grass with the ones that aren’t individually wrapped and you had to peel bits of grass off before you could eat them”
Liv’s leftovers:
Once again, all of Liv’s thoughts wouldn’t fit in one email, so you’re getting a lil taste of the Culture Vulture newsy here!!
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