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Harry Styles: The World's Most Wanted Man 👮‍♂️

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Hi angels!! Filmed another day in the life for you yesterday but for those of you who won’t watch it (🥺🥺🥺) let me talk about it! I woke up! I wrote the newsy! I biked to work! I recorded Culture Vulture! I had some meetings! I biked home! I went for dinner to celebrate a bestie’s new job! I lit my candles! I responded to a bunch of your emails! 
And in those emails was this gem from newsy reader Paige: 
“Completely random, but I had a dream last night that there was a zombie apocalypse and I remember thinking “holy shit how is Lucy going to cover this in the newsy””
Nice of you to think I’d survive a zombie apocalypse long enough to report on it, but I assure you, I am incredibly impractical, and I fear I would be bitten by a zombie in no time (side note: Zombieland is one of mine and Rubes’s fave movies.)
  • Harry Styles is the world’s most wanted man
  • Singapore ends ban on gay sex
  • Wtf is a lolly scramble?
  • Speaking of sweet treats: Snoop Dogg is apparently releasing Snoop Loops
  • How do you push your glasses up?
Harry Styles is the world's most wanted man
So true Rolling Stone. IDK if you saw, but our boy is the first ever global Rolling Stones cover star, and he looks ICONIC (I know, I’m biased) in all the pics. I want you to go and read the full piece for yourself (he’s as charming as ever) but I’ll chuck a few of my fave bits in here:
On being a naked baby:
“When Styles played two sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium in June, the first thing he did after stepping offstage each night was take a shower. The post-show shower has become a ritual: a hygienic necessity, sure, but also a crucial moment of clarity and reflection. He washes away the screams full of love and desire to just be in his presence. Anyone would be overwhelmed by that. “It’s really unnatural to stand in front of that many people and have that experience,” he says. “Washing it off, you’re just a naked person, in your most vulnerable, human form. Just like a naked baby, basically.”
On his use of social media and toxic fans (I love that this was addressed)
“Styles is not the most online person — he uses Instagram to look at plants and architecture posts, has never had the TikTok app, and calls Twitter “a shitstorm of people trying to be awful to people” — but he’s still aware of how those small, toxic corners of the internet are treating the people closest to him. “That obviously doesn’t make me feel good,” he says, carefully. It’s a tightrope he’s treading in discussing this. He wants to — and does! — see the good in his fans, but there’s no denying that like every large online community, this one has a faction that runs on hate and anonymity.”
And they got Olivia Wilde’s POV too:
“When asked about her experience with his fans, Wilde is diplomatic. Like Styles, she believes in what they stand for as a collective, calling them “deeply loving people” who have fostered an accepting community. “What I don’t understand about the cruelty you’re referencing is that that kind of toxic negativity is the antithesis of Harry, and everything he puts out there,” she tells me. “I don’t personally believe the hateful energy defines his fan base at all. The majority of them are true champions of kindness.””
I could go on about this all day, but for the sake of the newsy I won’t! You should defs go and read it all here tho xxx
Singapore ends ban on gay sex
Not a hot take, but I can’t believe in 2022 there are still bans on who you can sleep with. Backwards, bizarre, bananas. Anyway, Singapore has ended their ban on gay sex, which effectively makes it legal to “be homosexual in the city-state.” Great work & bare minimum Singapore!
Wtf is a lolly scramble?
Hilariously, even after doing that big segment about lolly scrambles yesterday, I didn’t even tell you wtf it is!!! God, not like me to gatekeep anything from you! Turns out (incredibly predictably) The Spinoff’s very own Alex Casey (who’s also one of my fave ppl to walk the earth) has written a gorgeous history of the humble lolly scramble. Here’s what she perfectly classifies it as:
“Lolly scrambles have a rich social history here in New Zealand. Since the late 1800s, birthday parties, A&P shows, fairs, prize-givings, fundraisers, sports events and Christmas parades have all featured the chaotic ritual as a highlight. The premise is simple: an adult releases a large amount of lollies into the air and a group of children go absolutely feral trying to pick up as many as they can. It’s a piñata without the admin. A treasure hunt without much of a hunt.”
So basically if you grab a bag of lollies - (preferably wrapped but you do you) and throw them into a crowd of people - you’ve hosted your very own lolly scramble. You could even drop them from an aeroplane if you feel that way inclined! Go you! And thanks Alex (ps the rest of this piece/ the history of lolly scrambles is just BANANAS so plz read it.)
Speaking of sweet treats: Snoop Dogg is apparently releasing Snoop Loops
Snoop Dogg weirdly always makes his way into this newsletter - whether it’s upping his joint roller’s pay to reflect inflation, or buying a JPEG of an ape - he certainly finds unique ways to stay relo!!! Today’s story is about his latest venture - Snoop Loops. 
This is also not his first rodeo when it comes to the food and bevvy industry, according to Food & Wine:
“Snoop has previously partnered with Dunkin Donuts on the plant-based Beyond D-O-Double-G breakfast sandwich; he’s released a strawberry-infused gin called Indoggo Gin; he’s got his own wine; and earlier this year, he filed a trademark for “Snoop Doggs,” which may very well be the name of an upcoming line of sausages or hot dogs.” 
Snoop Dogg’s as a hotdog brand? Iconic.
How do you push your glasses/ sunnies up?
Niche mundane poll yesterday but I’m into it. As per, it was suggested by a newsy reader, but it hit home!! When I was younger my mum used to tell me off because instead of pushing up my glasses with my hand like a normal person, I would just wriggle my nose in a weird and aggressive way to re-adjust them. I’m out of that habit now, but figured I’d take the question to the you all!
  • 61% of you push them up in the middle (cute)
  • 31% of you push them up at the sides
  • 7% of you wriggle your nose <3
Also some good tweets for u:
Andrew Tate looks like if you tried to draw Pitbull from memory
If I ever start telling you information by saying “You know, I recently heard that (xyz).” I am referencing a Tiktok. That’s where I recently heard that. From a video a 22 year old girl made in her childhood bedroom. That is my source.
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