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Technically it started a few days ago, but last night Ben (my little bro and our chauffeur) arrived and this morning we’re off to pick up our amazing campervan to start the drive down the country - we couldn’t be more excited. Britz has been incredibly kind and trusted us with one of their very own 6 berth campers, and you better beLIEVE we’re gonna be giving you a tour/ bringing you some hilar camper content. She also needs a name - any suggestions??? Shit You Should Camp About???? If you want to book your own holiday around NZ (and be matching with us) then we highly endorse Britz as your place to go!!
Gotta run now - I’m off to start the drive from Auckland to Welly! See ya soon Welly lil shits xxx
  • Ye’s Twitter and Instagram accounts locked over anti-Semitism
  • Russia seek ‘revenge’ on Ukraine
  • Come & have a coffee with us!
  • A new Selena Gomez doco
  • A lil extra Bel for you, coz we love her
  • A take I enjoy a lot
Ye's Twitter and Instagram accounts locked over anti-Semitism
Ye has been back on his social media bullshit in a really gross way lately - to the point where both his Instagram and Twitter accounts have now been locked. The latest? He tweeted some incredibly anti-semitic things - like accusing rapper Diddy of ‘being controlled by Jewish people,’ and saying he would “go death con 3 On Jewish people” - furthering dangerous anti-semitic conspiracy theories and generally just being… hateful.
This latest outburst comes after Ye wore and displayed ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirts at his show during Paris Fashion Week, and after Diddy spoke out against it, Ye posted a test exchange with him saying: “I didn’t like our convo. I’m selling these tees. Nobody can get in between me and my money” before going on to make his anti-Semitic comments.
Defs for the best that Instagram and Twitter have stepped in, for the good of the users, and probs the good of Ye himself at this point.
For more context on Ye:
The complicated life of Kanye West, Part 1 - Culture Vulture | Podcast on Spotify
Russia seek 'revenge' on Ukraine
Ukraine have been under an incredibly heavy attack (75 missiles and counting according to them) from Russia since Monday, after being blamed for causing a huge explosion on Kerch Bridge (the only bridge that connects Russia with Crimea, which was annexed from Ukraine in 2014.) The latest wave of strikes from Russia have been reported from Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia, among other residential neighbourhoods, they’ve left several regions without power, and they’ve killed 11 people so far. More on all of this here.
Come & have a coffee with us!
On Thursday Oct 13th we’re in Wellington:
12-2pm at Egmont Street Eatery 
On Monday Oct 17th we’re in Christchurch:
8-10am at Allpress Christchurch 
On Wednesday Oct 19th we’re in Dunedin:
7:30-9am at Allpress Dunedin Roastery 
A lil extra Bel for you, coz we love her!!!
This is a poem by our very own Bel that I read in her weekend newsy ‘The Word Resort’ and just ADORED so I’m sharing it with you. PS you can all subscribe to The Word Resort for more Bel here, and you should!!
20s nostalgia
You in my car. Your hand on my leg. Turning the corner. Going back down again. Sunday afternoon. The rugby final. BB cream and cheap eyeliner. Everything we wanted and all that other dreaming too difficult to ask about.
Cheap birthdays. Hot nights. Splitting the bill. Losing my mind. Talking to you from Florence that night. Flatmates. Big mistakes. Missing the connection. Chasing the flight. Someone always leaving, someone always left behind.
The washing, drying. The calls we never made. Your friend’s band on at 11:45. Blue Powerade. Gum rubs in back corner pubs. Footy on TV. Some guy in bracelets. African disco music. Polyester blazers on the coat hook. Block heels. Shin splints. Drunk on a Tuesday. Everyone getting over it.
Moving on. Moving up. Sheryl Sandberg. Snapchat. Why hasn’t he text back yet. Bedroom floors. Marks on the wall. Friends like bones. Apricot brandy. Wet tents. Long weekends. No reception.
Not hearing from you. Meeting strangers and mistaking it for fate. Trying to keep up. Losing it behind. Taking too fast. Getting good. Being bad. Bridesmaiding in the regions. Wondering where you are. Sundays that’d go on forever if they could.
You, turning to me at the end of it all on the footpath saying, I don’t want to stop — I’m afraid if I do, I’ll miss all my chances.
The first trailer for Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me!!
Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me — Official Trailer
Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me — Official Trailer
I just really like these 90s cursor effects
A take I thoroughly enjoy:
lili michelle لیلی
we have enough content creators we need some content destroyers
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