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Angels! As promised I’m still here til Thurs to fill ur morning and ur cup!! Today I have a v spesh segment for you from one of my besties who was at the Toronto Film Fest and saw the premiere of My Policeman!!! EEEEEEk read on for that!
PS I love you and thank you for all your kind words yesterday! You’ve got my back and I can feel it in every response you send me xxx
  • Meet Sacha: Our Senior Harry Styles Correspondent
  • Launch House, the ‘hype house’ for tech founders, sounds… awful
  • Hair ye, hair ye!
  • Is it oatmeal or porridge?
Meet Sacha: Our Senior Harry Styles Correspondent
Sacha is a huge SYSCA bestie, even HUGER Harry Styles stan, and the person who made me see fangirls (AKA me) for what we are: smart, capable, great at community/ website building, and nothing to be embarrassed by!! She’s over at the Toronto Film Festival right now, technically as the Senior Harry Styles Correspondent for Lettrboxed to see My Policeman premiere, and she’s kindly given me a lil diary entry of the weekend. Obsessed is an understatement!
Luce! It’s your girl, Letterboxd’s Senior Harry Styles Correspondent, coming to you live from the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s been a big Harry week, tbh. Starting with heading to the merch store at Madison Square Garden in New York nice and chill on a weekday morning just to procure you, Ms. Blakiston, your very own Harry tote for the season. Look – I know you can buy your own merch in March when Harry hits Aotearoa’s shores, but what’s hotter for a hot girl summer than ALREADY having a Harry bag. Nothing, that’s what. [Luce note: I love you Sach.]
Then we rolled up to MSG Wednesday night to see Harry looking remarkably refreshed for a man who’d flown to Venice, not spit on Chris Pine (yes I was there for that moment), and returned to dance his butt off for our benefit (The horn section, Lucy. The HORNS). I got to enjoy the concert with my bestie Nozlee who I met at Harry’s FIRST solo show in NYC at Radio City Music Hall. Fandom friends = true friends.
Sacha Judd
“I just popped very quickly to Venice to spit on Chris Pine” — Harry Styles https://t.co/uDvPSyqIZW
Next, I was off to Canada and TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). The film festival is way bigger and WAY buzzier than I was expecting. Three city blocks are closed and everywhere you look there are promo tents, media spilling out of press screenings, and red carpets happening as early as mid-morning. Friday saw an epic crew of Swifties turning out to support All Too Well. Sunday morning dawned nice and humid for a very, very long line of Harries waiting patiently for My Policeman. What to tell you?? The movie is beautiful, moving and sad. All the performances are great. Yes, Harry’s naked butt is in it. And then before I could blink, the man himself was sitting in front of me at the press conference rocking an epic fit and some giant beads.
Sacha Judd
Hello from your @letterboxd Senior Harry Styles Correspondent. (Shh no spoilers 🤫) #tiff22 #mypoliceman https://t.co/jPyGX2zpxq
A good day was had by all. Can’t finish this dispatch without shouting out how incredible Emma Corrin looked – so many amazing looks all day long. I emerged from the premiere to find the loyalest of Harries still pressed up to the barrier hoping for a glimpse at the end of his day. Behind them was a massive neon sign that was totally a Visa commercial that said “Love Accepted Everywhere” and even though it was an #ad I thought it was completely appropriate. So good to see Harry and his fans and the love we share with one another hold true wherever we go.
Until the next Harry event,
Sacha xxx
Launch House, the 'hype house' for tech founders, sounds... awful
Holy shit - as soon as I clicked onto this piece by Rebecca Jennings for Vox (she never misses) I knew I was in for a ride. It’s an investigation into ‘Lanch House’ a hype house style… thing (idk what to call it) where a bunch of tech founders can pay to stay in a $12m mansion, in an incubator type way. Sound cool? It appears it was not. More on that in a sec. Here’s what Rebecca says the Launch House was aiming to do:
“Launch House’s pitch for its cohorts is that, by networking and bonding in extremely close quarters for just four weeks, its members will learn skills and make connections that are far more valuable for their careers than what a traditional college degree provides. It’s part of a larger trend in the tech world of augmenting or even circumventing traditional institutions — school, church, a shared workplace — to build knowledge but also community, digitally and IRL. No longer is the startup founder’s maxim to create a “minimum viable product”; now they need a “minimum viable community.”
Oh, and it was all originally meant to be filmed for a reality TV show for Instagram and TikTok.
But, what the Launch House actually appeared to do was allow a gross culture of violation and mistreatment of women run rampant, where people were overdosing, and women were being roofied and then locked out of the house after going to the hospital for a sexual assault forensic exam.
All of this and more is included in the piece, which you should definitely go and read! because damn… LA is wild.
Hair ye, hair ye!
Plz don’t be put off by my terrible title, because I really want to put you on to an episode of a series called ‘Hair Now’ that I adored. Hair Now introduces us to ‘six women from across Aotearoa who are plucking, growing and shaving their way through prickly cultural expectations around body hair.’
In this episode, we meet Serena - a Fijian-Indian actor who moved to Aotearoa when she was five. We learn about how Serena’s transitioning (and growing out her natural hair) connects her to her ancestors, but how managing her body hair remains complicated. I really loved this episode, and I think you will too! Let me know what you think xxxx
How body hair reflects our gender identity | Hair Now | The Spinoff
How body hair reflects our gender identity | Hair Now | The Spinoff
Is it oatmeal or porridge?
To everyone telling me that they’re two different things - I refuse to believe that!!!
  • 46% of you say oatmeal
  • 54% of you say porridge
  • Still waiting on the response from the three little bears
hatsune mitski
the only thing more powerful than love is the ick
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