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📦Moving, Midnights, & Mini Storage🌜

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Holy shit!! I always knew this would be a full-on few weeks, but coming home from the roadie and then having to move house (…into Ruby & Liv’s house because NO ONE WILL RENT ME HAYDEN & FLO ONE) was INTENSE. The highlight though was our beautiful storage unit. Honesty, it’s a weird phenomenon having to pack your whole life up into a 3mx5m concrete box when you’re not moving overseas or anything (you just don’t have anywhere else to keep it while you’re flat-hunting) but I can vouch so hard for a storage unit!! It’s so clean and so many fun trolleys to help you move stuff and… can you tell I’m over-tired and really trying to see the good in things right now??
Anyway I can’t tell you how much I’ve looked forward to being back in the office, focusing on bringing you a lovely newsy each morning, and trying to find some sort of routine (and a house too.)
But before we leave the roadie in the past there are a few people I need to say the biggest THANK YOU EVER to!! First of all Britz, for trusting us with our home for the past two weeks - Shit You Should Camp About - (you can get 5% off your roadie if you want to do what we did in the Campervan using the promo code SYSCA!!)
The next thank you has to be to the absolute BEAUTIES at Allpress who set up coffee catch-ups in their roasteries (or cafes that use their coffee) ALL over the country and let us meet all of you!! It was so fucking brill getting to hang out with so many gorgy newsy readers - the best part of the roadie for sure.
Next up to our besties at WellingtonNZ - Maddy in partic (oooh I kinda like partic as a shortened version of particular 👀) - who organised e-biking, a night tour of Zealandia, a chocolate factory tour and the BEST FOOD WE’VE EVER HAD!!!
And then to my lil bro Ben, who did ALL the driving and made sure that we got to where we needed to be on time, AND WOULD PACK UP WITH CAMPER WHILE WE WERE AT EVENTS SO THAT WE COULD JUST GET ON THE ROAD - we love you so much.
Also, Rubes and Liv, thank you for not killing me or each other while we were on tour. Only true besties could live that close and work together and still let me move in with them at the end of it 🥺🥺
fifty-fifty clown
Keep me in your thoughts today I have to go to work even though I’m sooooo sleepy and beautiful and fun to be around
  • First of all… Midnights!
  • Rishi Sunak will be the UK’s next prime minister
  • When We Were Young fest got cancelled… but for some bands, the show must go on!!
  • Look at these ‘anti-cheating’ exam hats in the Philippines
  • Some Matty Healy things because he’s been the only thing getting me through the move
First of all... Midnights!
I gotta say - I’m a Fearless/Speak Now/Red/Folklore/Evermore girlie, so on my first listen to Midnights I was a lil underwhelmed (not at her, but for me.) (I’m the problem it’s me.) And also for Lana Del Ray bc where was she??? I gotta say though, it’s been the upbeat and dance-y album I’ve kinda needed to get me through this weekend (Flo is the biggest Swiftie I know so it’s been on REPEAT!) Right now my faves are:
  • MIDNIGHT RAIN!!! This song is waaaaay out in front of the rest. I’m in the depths of my 1975 obsession and this song with a Matty Healy remix would be EVERYTHING
  • Karma (is a cat, purring in my lap coz it loves meeee)
  • Anti-hero gets a shoutout because Flo and I ADORE the ‘sexy baby’ line
Notable mentions:
  • You’re on your own kid
  • Mastermind
  • Bejewelled (just for the feeling you get when you sing ‘SHIMMER’)
  • Vigilante Shit (sounds sooo much like Billie’s ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’)
Let me know your thoughts & feelings!!
it's me, hi, i'm the problem it's me
it's me, hi, i'm the problem it's me
Rishi Sunak will be the UK's next prime ministe
Yes, of the whole UK, not just England Luce u egg (this is me fixing my error last week.) Anyway, Rishi Sunak is coming in to take the job that nobody seems to be very good at - UK’s new PM! Sunak is 42, making him the youngest leader in over two centuries, and he will also become the UK’s first British Asian PM.
Naturally, people have some things to say, like Scotland’s first minister who… doesn’t seem particularly jazzed:
Nicola Sturgeon
1/ Congratulations to @RishiSunak - I wish him well and, notwithstanding our political differences, will do my best to build a constructive working relationship with him in the interests of those we serve.
Nicola Sturgeon
2/ That he becomes the first British Asian to become PM is a genuinely significant moment. It certainly makes this a special #Diwali
Nicola Sturgeon
3/ As for the politics, I’d suggest one immediate decision he should take and one he certainly should not.
He should call an early General Election. And he should not - must not - unleash another round of austerity. Our public services will not withstand that.
Nicola Sturgeon
4/ For Scotland, of course, he becomes another PM we did not and, without doubt would not vote for even if given the chance.
To escape the damage of Westminster governments with no mandate here, and take our future into our own hands, Scotland needs independence
And the Labor party also have… things to say:
“Conservatives have broken their promises and broken the economy, says Labour’s deputy leader.
Speaking a little earlier, Angela Rayner repeated her party’s call for a general election, saying the Tories could not "keep doling out prime ministers every month”.
She added that Rishi Sunak was “rejected” by his own party members a few weeks ago when he lost the leadership race to Liz Truss.“
Anyway, I for one am looking forward to seeing how this all goes. Nice to know that UK politics is here giving me my reality TV fix til the next season of Love Island 💘💘
When We Were Young got #cancelled
And not even in the 2022 trendy online call-out way… it was just thanks to wind. For those of you who didn’t see this story pop up over the weekend (I first saw it on TikTok), When We Were Young - the festival that was set to bring all our fave pop/emo/ acts into one festy (like Green Day, Blink182, 5SOS, Good Charlotte) was cancelled one hour before gates were meant to open on day one (only day one though, the other days went ahead). This kinda feels written in the stars, considering for a LONG time people didn’t actually believe this was a real festival that was going ahead - they thought it was a scam, and it was giving ✨Fyre Fest✨ but then turned out it was a legit thing to be held in Las Vegas, and people were PUMPED.
They were pumped until the wind decided to come along and ruin their plans, that is. Personally, safety first at festivals is always the best option (have any of you watched the Woodstock doco on Netflix??) Ticket holders got full refunds, but were still pretty fucking disappointed and also:
extremely bummed that when we were young fest was cancelled this morning 😔

my heart goes out to everyone that already took drugs this morning and is now super freaking out
But then something REALLY cool happened, and bands who were set to play on that day at the festival ended up finding other venues around Vegas so that they could still put on a show!!
  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Hawthorne Heights put on a free concert in a casino
  • The All-American Rejects had a free show at Soul Belly BBQ
  • Anthony Green, Senses Fail, Thursday and Bayside played a free show at the Sand Dollar 
  • Bring Me the Horizon teamed up with Knocked Loose and Landon Barker for a show at the Palms
  •  The Wonder Years, La Dispute, Mom Jeans and Sweet Pill performed for at Rockstar Bar
Do people understand theres like 50 of todays greatest Emo bands of all time SCATTERED in Las Vegas right now quick booking random pop up INTIMATE shows for tonight and simply walking around with thousands of eager fans. My god, When We Were Young Fest got.. better
🤘Big silver linings energy🤘
Look at these 'anti-cheating' exam hats in the Philippines
Students at a college in Legazpi City in the Philippines were asked to wear headgear that would prevent them from peeking at others’ papers, and their homemade ‘anti-cheating’ hats are actually so cute/ funny.
Just felt like you’d appreciate 💘
Some Matty Healy things because he's been the only thing getting me through the move
First of all I fucking ADORED this feature by Pitchfork on him/ The 1975 and I think you should all read it!!
And then this is my fave song/ performance I’ve seen of them YET:
The 1975 – «Love It If We Made It» | SVT/TV 2/Skavlan
The 1975 – «Love It If We Made It» | SVT/TV 2/Skavlan
Love you all, see you tomorrow xxx
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