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'Quiet Quitting' & it's CORN 🌽

Big news!
Tomorrow’s Culture Vulture newsy is an extended chime from our very own Bel!!! Liv is sick, and I know you all love Bel’s words toooo much so if you want a lil insight into her life, a bunch of her recs, and just a really chic and sweet newsy in your inbox tomorrow morning, come and become a monthly or annual SYSCA supporter 🥺🥺

I had an incredibly overwhelming one yesterday! It started off an event for Karma Cola, a cool NZ company that I used to do some funny lil Instagram stuff for (more about that one day), but at that event, I ended up meeting bloody Jacinda Ardern!! Some highlights from our chat:
  • She’s a fan of Shit You Should Care About
  • I asked how she genuinely was (idk how someone does that job) and she said “it’s all relative, any day you don’t have to announce that people have to stay inside is a good day!” (she’s so real for that)
  • We talked about online and IRL trolls (in her case, people driving past her house and yelling things in the middle of the night)
  • We took a cute and cheesy pic
  • It was the best and she’s so cool 
fan behaviour
fan behaviour
Then I came back to the office to try and do some proper work and got a text about a really cool thing that I might be doing next month that might involve me going to Austin, Texas????  I’ll tell you all about that later. Then Rubes and I had some cute meetings about our SYSCA roadie (we’re so pumped), and to top it all off Liv and I had a rehearsal for a Battle of The Bands thing we’re e entering in with our workmates!!! The last band I sang in was with my cousins at about 12 years old called ‘Road Side Chickens’ so it’s fair to say the old vocal cords need a biiit of warming up, but it’s gonna be hella fun!!
Due to this overwhelming day, however, I am exhausted, and I didn’t prep any newsy last night (sorry), so who knows what you’re getting today! I love you all!
  • Quiet quitting is actually just boundary setting
  • It’s CORN
  • The police chief from the Uvalde shooting has been sacked
  • Japan’s police chief also resigns, over Abe’s assassination
  • New episode of The Shit Show
  • Brittney Spears and Elton John dropped a song
  • Horoscopes!
  • How do you make a burger?
Quiet quitting is actually just boundary setting… and it’s not as Gen Z as you think
I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the new ‘quiet quitting’ discourse that Gen Z has apparently ‘introduced’ but aren’t really the ones actually talking about it. Quiet quitting, for the uninitiated, is the idea of doing your job (well, the job you’re paid to do) and not taking it above and beyond for no extra pay. The thing about ‘quiet quitting’ tho, is that it feels like just another fabricated generation war where all the people I see writing/ talking/ commenting on it are not Gen Z at all, despite us we’re being lumped in with the ‘trend.’ 
Generational polarisation is buzzy and it’s kinda… lazy journalism. We (gen Z) never cared about skinny jeans, middle parts, or the word ‘cheugy’ it was the ‘outrage’ and media coverage from older generations that actually made these things things. 
I get that ‘quiet quitting’ is a response to hustle culture, and that no one wants to feel valued based on labour alone - of course not! We are more than our jobs (well, not me, but most of us!) and boundary-setting 💅slays 💅.  What doesn’t slay, is all the chat I’m seeing about young people being lazy, and not knowing how to ‘live in the real world’ which is what happens when you lump a ‘trend’ like this in with a whole generation. 
We aren’t all out here ‘quiet quitting’ - at most we’re setting boundaries, doing what we’re paid to do, and believe it or not - still working hard!! Enough op-eds on this now!
And now a trend I’m fully behind, the wonderful corn song
(If you haven’t heard this song you must not be on TikTik - and that’s okay! But it’s really good and here it is)
Its CORN! TikTok Song (1 Hour Version) #cornboy
Its CORN! TikTok Song (1 Hour Version) #cornboy
Hilariously, Squish said on The Shit Show this week that this song is giving Schmoyoho - the Youtube channel that basically invented the early viral video-to-song remix (they did things like the Charlie Sheen ‘winning’ remix.) Turns out, they’re the ones behind the corn song too!! They also did Chrissy Wake Up!!! The more you know eh?
The police chief from the Uvalde shooting has been fired
Content warning: shooting
Remember when police officers took 77-minutes to confront the gunman inside Robb elementary school, who killed 19 students and two teachers? Well, the police chief handling that response - Pete Arredondo - has been fired. 
The local school board voted unanimously to fire him, and a pupil who survived the shooting said “turn in your badge and step down.”
Speaking of police chiefs, Japan’s police chief resigns over Abe’s assassination
Head of the national police agency in Japan, Itaru Nakamura, has said that he wants to take responsibility for the July 8 shooting of ex PM Shinzo Abe, and is going to resign too.
New episode of The Shit Show!
A Bad Week To Be A Woman
shit you should care about
Breaking: The Finnish Prime Minister is in trouble for being cool on main
Brittney Spears and Elton John dropped a song
Hold Me Closer - song and lyrics by Elton John, Britney Spears | Spotify
It's Friday so you get horoscopes!
How do you build a burger?
We aren’t going into the specifics here - I just wanted to know if you put the patty down first or the salad etc.
  • 69% say bun, then patty, then salad
  • 31% say bun, then salad, then patty
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