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Reporting Live From Bali 🌞

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Holy shit team, SO much has happened since we last spoke. First big change - I got a FLAT! Thank goodness for that!! She’s cute and cozy and my room is as big and sunny as all the ideas I’m sure I’ll have in there. Thank you so much to the absolute VILLAGE of you all who came through to help us find a spot. Hayden, Flo and I are sending you ALL our love!!
The second huge change - Rubes and I are reporting to you LIVE FROM BALI!! We’re here covering Instagram’s ‘Creator Week’ as the only  Aussie/ NZ’s press, which is pretty spesh for us. 
my view right now as I'm writing this for you... the most AMAZING sunrise I have ever seen
my view right now as I'm writing this for you... the most AMAZING sunrise I have ever seen
Creator Week is (in Meta’s words):
“a global celebration of the Creator community with events taking place around the world in L.A., Indonesia, New Delhi, London, and Brazil, bringing together the Creator community by seamlessly bridging online and offline spaces.
Creator Week is an event for creators, by creators. An opportunity to connect, exchange experiences and learn about best practices, build community, and hear more about the latest from Meta.”
It’s going to be SUPER interesting because here at SYSCA we walk the line between a media company and creators, so we’re going to be feeding back to you ALL our learnings/ takeaway/ insights from a buzzy event like this, and hopefully getting some time to speak to some super interesting people! How fun for us to ALL get a peek behind the curtain on this weird and ever-changing world. Today is our first big day of events/ reporting so tune in tomorrow for a full rundown of that!! 
creators getting ready to create
creators getting ready to create
Work aside, I have to say - Rubes and I are adoring Bali. I’ve been to Indonesia before - Jakarta and Yogyakarta (Kampung Pelangi is one of the coolest spots I’ve ever been to) but not for YEARS and I forgot how much I adore everyone here. Rubes and I are basically the most excitable/ grateful people on the planet so you can imagine we’ve been greeting everyone here with almost TOO MUCH love!! Truly so thankful for everything coming our way at the moment, and for all of you for celebrating our wins with us & sticking around with this chaos every single day. Besties for LIFE.
The next big change to note… Elon Musk actually bought Twitter. More on that below :-)
Love you the most!! See you tomorrow!!
  • Itaewon crush in Korea kills 155 people
  • Enter the draw to see Rupi Kaur on tour (u see that rhyme??)
  • A man broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house & assaulted Paul Pelosi with a hammer
  • Elon Musk bought Twitter & has dissolved its board of directors
  • Lewis Capaldi talked about our interview with Finneas
  • Also this Twitter thread has been keeping Rubes and I entertained during our travels
Itaewon crush in Korea kills 155 people
In another horrific crowd crush incident, 155 people have died in South Korea, after attending an unofficial Halloween celebration in Itaewon. Itaewon is a popular district for nightlife in Seoul - specifically when it comes to celebrating Halloween, and this year, with Covid restrictions lifted (for the first time in two years), crowds of tens of thousands of people who took to the narrow neon-lit alleyways were squished “shoulder-to-shoulder in a street no more than 4 meters (13 feet) wide.”
The lack of crowd control and the sheer amount of time it took for emergency services to get there (and be able to reach people amidst the crowd) contributed to the fatalities, with victims from countries including the United States, China, Iran, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, Norway, France, Russia, Austria, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
The thing about tragedies like this (and other ones that we’ve unfortunately been witnessing lately) is that they could have been predicted and prevented. Hotels and ticketed events in the neighbourhood had been booked out in advance, huge crowds were expected, and the South Korean authorities even said: “they had no guidelines to handle the huge crowds that gathered for Halloween festivities in Seoul.”
My heart really does go out to everyone affected by this - a truly devastating accident.
Enter the draw to see Rupi Kaur on tour (u see the rhyme!!)
We have a double pass to give away at EACH show of Rupi Kaur’s Aus/ NZ leg of her world tour!
All you have to do is reply to this newsy with why you would love to go and see Rupi and the show you want to go to, and we’ll send some lucky winners on their way!!
And to buy tix yourself (you should) head here for Aus and here for NZ!
A man broke into Nancy Pelosi's house & assaulted Paul Pelosi with a hammer
And the media reporting around it was… super interesting to begin with. I got this notification from The New York Times over the weekend about it:
And I glanced over it and assumed he’d had a fall or something, uh, un-sinister has happened. But THEN I saw this:
And I was confused as to why we (the media) weren’t leading with that, but also terrified for the state of… kinda everything. This was an act of political violence, where the suspect went in with the intent to kidnap Nancy Pelosi (at the very least I assume, considering he was carrying two hammers, rope, and zip ties, and was going to break “her kneecaps” if she “lied” to him) and we aren’t even going to call it what it is??
The Department of Justice has now charged the suspect with two violations of federal law:
“These included one count of assaulting a family member of a US official in retaliation for the performance of their duties, which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years.
He is also charged with the attempted kidnap of Mrs Pelosi, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years.”
This is one freaky, freaky world.
Elon Musk bought Twitter & has dissolved its board of directors
I guess the Chief Twit only needs One Direction. (That was a bad and cheap joke - I’m sorry.) Anyway, after months of back and forth, Elon has proved to us all, once again, that money really can buy you anything you want. He took over the platform last week, and in what I reckon is a power move to show he means ✨some sort of business✨, he’s laid off some of his top exec’s already, there are talks about making people pay monthly for a verified tick, and the Washington Post has reported that he’s going to be making job cuts that affect about 25% of Twitter’s total staff.
Now, for your horror or entertainment, here’s how Elon uses the platty:
Elon Musk
This is fake – I did *not* tweet out a link to The New York Times!
Elon Musk
If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if Trump is coming back on this platform, Twitter would be minting money!
Elon Musk
Finally, the truth that carbs are amazing can be said on this platform!
Eeek :-)
Lewis Capaldi talked about our interview with Finneas
This is just the coolest thing ever. One of you tagged me in this video of Lewis Capaldi during his interview with Zach Sang, where he was talking about how hard it is to talk about your struggles when you’re a “famous person.‘ He said that he came across a video on TikTok (our video) of Finneas answering a question about artists cancelling their tours to protect their mental health (our question) and he basically backed up what Finneas was saying (whilst commenting on the disappointment and… pretty rude comment section.) This was just a proud moment for me & Liv who aren’t profesh interviewers, but like to ask the genuine shit we’re thinking about. Glad it landed Lewis - come on Culture Vulture any time!!
Also this Twitter thread has been keeping Rubes and I entertained during our travels
Content warning: scary (and almost definitely fake)
✨ Hex Zafarris ✨

The most terrifying thing happened to me earlier—I don’t fully understand it, but I am FREAKING the hell out.

Please don’t read on if you're not into scary things.

This is both graphic and frightening.

It's also a pretty long story. 🧵
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