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Someone's going on tour 👀

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Hi angels!! God, this week has just DISAPPEARED on me! I feel like each day we’ve been home from the roadie we’ve just been trying to catch up, and now I’ve blinked - it’s Friday - and Rubes and I are off to Bali on Sunday!!
Since I tell you legit everything about my life I figured I should tell you why we’re over there. We’re heading off on an adventure to be press/ media at something that Instagram is putting on called ‘creator week.’ They’re flying out a BUNCH of different creators for a few days to get everyone together/ give some masterclasses/ host some panels/ drop some ✨exclusive✨ news, and they were allowed to bring along one media company to report on it and our lil Shit You Should Care About is it!!! V cool to be recognised/ seen/ trusted with this and Rubes and I can’t wait to bring you our unprofesh but super candid ‘peek behind the curtain’ on what events like this are really like. Eeek! And at the end of it, naturally, Rubes and I booked in a few extra days to actually relax & soak up a lil sun.
For this reason (and due to travelling/ timezones), next week’s newsy’s are gonna be ALL over the show, so don’t worry if they come to you at funky times, and also don’t worry if you only get two/three editions next week!! I know for sure there will be no Monday edish, but you’ll be getting HEAPS when we actually land/ start reporting.
I feel like I should finish this with just the BIGGEST thank you to all of you who actually make shit like this possible for us. We can only do this because of your support / love / dedication to this random lil media company, and for that, you are LITERALLY my best mates.
Love you the most, chat from Bali xxxx
  • Rupi Kaur is going on tour!! (and we have tix you can win)
  • New episode of The Shit Show!
  • A quarter of US adults under 30 now get their news from TikTok
  • Thai transgender tycoon buys Miss Universe contest
  • Bruce Lehrmann: Australia parliament rape trial abandoned over juror ‘misconduct’
  • It’s Friday so you get… horoscopes!
Rupi Kaur is going on tour!!
This section is brought to you by Live Nation, who are bringing Rupi Kaur to Australia & New Zealand on her world tour!! Get tickets to see Rupi live here for Aus and here for NZ!
Look at me, almost as good of a poet as Rupi Kaur with that headline!!! We are HUGE fans of Rupi here at SYSCA - for me, she basically made poetry (something I struggled to understand/ would never seek out) feel accessible, and I feel seen in her words. I mean - she basically brought the format of those gorg short-form poems with a lil related doodle to the mainstream, and for that we love her. 
AND YOU CAN SEE HER LIVE!! Rupi is coming to our NZ and Australian shores next March/April as part of her world tour (see dates above) and we couldn’t be more excited. 
I thought it seemed fitting to enlist the help of Bel, our resident poet (who you all know and love) to pick out a few of her fave Rupi poems to talk about them with you.
“The gals asked me to choose my favourite Rupi poem, but I couldn’t choose between these two, so I’ve included them for you both :). 
Firstly, undergoing my Great Heart Ache this year has been an extremely painful and reckoning experience that left me for a long time feeling like a skeleton of a human swimming in an endless sea. Poetry is everything in these times. My friends sent me a lot to read (one of which was these), and I’d write my favourites out and tuck them into my coat pockets for the times I needed them most. But what I like most about this one in particular is that it’s a list, in no particular order, of guiding stars when you might need them most.
- milk and honey
- milk and honey
Earlier this year, Luce wrote in the newsy about what inspired everyone in the SYSCA universe, and over a negroni one night, I confessed to feeling like I write to make people feel seen, and less alone in the world. When I read this gorgey poem a year or so ago it felt exactly that! I love this one because I love short poems that kick you in the heart, and make you feel understood in a world that often doesn’t make sense or where the sense can feel difficult to find. Plus it felt right to include here, because isn’t that just like… the whole feeling of being part of the SYSCA universe? We love you. We love Rupi xx"
- home body
- home body
We also have a double pass to give away at EACH show!
All you have to do is reply to this newsy with why you would love to go and see Rupi and the show you want to go to, and we’ll send some lucky winners on their way!!
And to buy tix yourself (you should) head here for Aus and here for NZ!
A quarter of US adults under 30 now get their news from TikTok
Ok so I’ve been slowly freaking out about TikTok + the state of the news for a while now, but the other day I was speaking to a group of students at Otago Girls’ high school, and when I asked them how they got the news most of them said it was from TikTok. More than that, they (like me) said they weren’t actively going to TikTok for their news, but rather they were on the platform already and that they were accidentally getting their news while they were on there!! And this shit is freaky!! Then, I saw this chart…
… which shows that Instagram is still going up in terms of % of people who go there for news, but TikTok is going WAY up!!
You can read the whole piece about this phenomenon here, but here’s a lil snippet for ya:
Among American adults, reliance on TikTok for news content has roughly tripled since 2020, rising from 3% to 10% in the past two years. More than a quarter of US adults under 30 now regularly use TikTok for news, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. This defies a larger national trend. Fewer Americans are consistently looking for news on social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Snapchat, according to Pew data since 2020.
New episode of The Shit Show!
Ye, TikTok & A New UK PM - The Shit Show
Harry Styles dropped the Music For A Sushi Restaurant music video
And honestly it’s… kinda freaky.
Harry Styles - Music For a Sushi Restaurant (Official Video)
Harry Styles - Music For a Sushi Restaurant (Official Video)
A Thai media mogul and transgender activist has bought the Miss Universe competition
Chakrapong “Anne” Chakrajutathib - a transgender activist and business tycoon in Thailand - has just bought the Miss Universe competition for $20m. She’s starred in reality shows, and been super outspoken about being a transgender woman, helping to set up a nonprofit group, Life Inspired For Transsexual Foundation, to promote trans rights.
It’s so cool to see someone who - as the Bangkok Post reported - was bullied at her all-male school for identifying as female - literally claiming a space as big as the ‘Miss Universe’ uh, universe (for lack of a better term!!)
Bruce Lehrmann: Australia parliament rape trial abandoned over juror 'misconduct'
Content warning: Sexual assault
The trial of Bruce Lehrmann (a former Australian political adviser) for the alleged sexual assault of Brittany Higgins has been declared a mistrial after “it emerged one member had looked at academic research on sexual assault.”
It’s important to note here that juries are required to reach a verdict only on the evidence presented in the courtroom, which is why this has happened.
The trial went for 12 days, and had been through 5 days of deliberation when a court official doing some ‘routine tidying’ found the research, prompting a juror to be dismissed, and a retrial to be scheduled in February. We’ll keep you in the loop!
It's Friday so you get... horoscopes!
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