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The Art Of The Irish Goodbye ✌️

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In some incredibly devo news - last night was meant to be the SYSCA team’s first Dungeons and Dragons game but LIV GOT SICK AND WE HAD TO POSTPONE!! We’ve been prepping for about a week now and I’m so excited to get into it that this just feels like one helluva tease!
Had quite a productive day yesterday (as you can see here) had lots of meetings, met lots of cats (my flat is also looking into fostering atm because the SPCA here is about to have too many kittens), Hayden fixed my bike (every two months or so it loses the right brake… not good), I started watching I May Destroy You (very good, quite jarring), and then I lit my candles and prepped for The Shit Show which I’m about to go and record (you better listen, just to hear what Squish and I come up with at 6am!!)
Also glad you’re all jazzed about our SYSCA roadie 👀 More details on that as we actually plan it (but keep on sending through those recs!)
Another day in the life for you!!!
  • Bel Chimes In: On the incredible and underrated art of the Irish goodbye
  • Instagram is becoming… BeReal (and who’s surprised?)
  • Too despicable: China changes ending of Minions movie
  • Daniel Ricciardo is working on a scripted F1 series with Hulu
  • Hard or runny eggs?
Bel Chimes In: On the incredible and underrated art of the Irish goodbye
This section is written by my crush, the refreshing-as-a-house-chardonnay-on-a-steamy-day, Bel Hawkins. You should check out more of her beautiful words here.  
Ok, ok I simply must write about this because it’s my favourite ~ tool ~ to keep on top of everlasting fatigue (more on that next week, I promise it won’t be boring) and to claw back time for myself in this hamster wheel of life. Luce and I also did this flawlessly at a recent event, and woosh - were both home and in bed by 9pm on a weeknight (she’s a worn-out woman, you know this about me!). The dream.
It’s the fine art of an Irish goodbye. Aka ‘smoking’ or ‘smoke showing’ or any other cute (please tell) names you have for leaving a party without telling anyone you’re going. A quick Google of this tells me it has a phrase in almost every language, which I love deeply.
Why do I love it? Often this feeling descends over me when I’m out, and it’s a wave I can’t ignore: this deep, irrepressible sense that I must leave immediately and go home (often to bed or at least to peel off my outfit and makeup like a Polly Nor comic) at once. 
the incredible polly nor
the incredible polly nor
To execute it perfectly? My hot tips:
  1. You’re allowed to tell only one person you’re leaving. Your bestie, your crush (although, hey, who knows, maybe you’re leaving with them), or your wingwoman. More often than not, you don’t tell the host, but take from that what you will <3
  2. You pick your moment perfectly when the chat’s high, the music’s playing, and no one’s looking at the door
  3. You don’t make a fuss or draw attention to yourself, but simply pick up your bag and quietly swoosh out of there
  4. At somewhere you really don’t want to be, you’ll most likely run into a stranger or someone you don’t know very well and mention something vague but cute and then mysteriously disappear
  5. You walk around the corner, order your uber and zoom off into the night
Ok, upon reflection on this, I sound like an absolute psychopath but, done well, this is a gift, a trend, a whatever-you-want-it-to-be. I hope it brings you nothing but mystery (a stunning characteristic for life, in my humble opinion) and a gorgeous roadmap for your next escape plan.
Love you, your simply gorge responses to the newsy, and the fact that you keep turning up here each day and week. X
Instagram is becoming… BeReal (and who’s surprised?)
In classic IG fashion, they’ve launched their own version of BeReal called IG Candids. According to The Verge:
“The so-called “IG Candid” feature discovered by leaker Alessandro Paluzzi mirrors BeReal by prompting the user to share an authentic photo at a random time each day.”
I feel like I’m constantly saying the same thing in this newsy about tech companies copy and pasting each other and tbh, it’s just blatant and embarro at this point, but if you feel like listening, here are all my thoughts in one cute lil podcast!
Too despicable: China changes ending of Minions movie
Spoilers incoming!!! If you were to watch the latest Minions movie in China (first of all, what are you doing watching the latest minions movie?) you would be seeing a different ending to the rest of the world. Instead of Gru and his mentor Wild Knuckles riding off into the sunset, Wild Knuckles goes to jail while Gru “becomes one of the good guys”.
In screenshots of the film that were shared on Weibo, the new captions seem to say:
Wild Knuckles was caught and locked up for 20 years after a failed heist. He also discovers a “love of acting” and sets up a theatrical troupe.
Gru, meanwhile, “returned to his family” and being a father to his three girls became his “biggest accomplishment”.
Some people think that the change was simply to show viewers that crime doesn’t pay off, while others think this change was to push China’s three-child policy. Either way, I think changing the end of such a historic and iconic film is Despicable. 
Daniel Ricciardo is working on a scripted F1 series with Hulu
We all know that F1 is all the rage here at SYSCA rn (and apparently on streaming services too) so Hulu is jumping into the driver’s seat and starting the ignition on their own one (sorry.) Daniel Ricciardo is said to be an Executive Producer on the project, and at the mo they’re on the lookout for writers!
And #breaking he's leaving McLaren!!!
McLaren Racing and Daniel Ricciardo have mutually agreed that Daniel will leave the team at the end of the 2022 season.

The team thanks Daniel for his dedication and contribution, including that memorable win in Monza. We look forward to finishing the season strongly together.
Lando Norris
What a ride @danielricciardo. From that moment in Monza, to the laughs we've had out of the car, it's been a joy working with you these last two years. Whatever’s next I wish you all the best, let's have a mega next few months
Runny or hard eggs?
Content warning: eggs.
Squish asked me this the other day, so naturally, it became a mundane poll - runny or hard eggs? I’m a hard girl through and through but:
  • 75% of you like them runny
  • 25% of you like them hard
Also this:
Porter ✰
parrots can literally talk, why is everyone so ok with it
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