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🚙Come have coffee today in Wellington!🚙
Today we’re gonna be hosting our cute lil coffee catch-up at Egmont Street Eatery from 12-2pm! No pressure to stay for the whole time, just come, have a filter coffee on us, and say hey!! 💘
On Monday Oct 17th we’re in Christchurch:
8-10am at Allpress Christchurch 
On Wednesday Oct 19th we’re in Dunedin
7:30-9am at Allpress Dunedin Roastery 

Yesterday was roadie day 4, and our first full day in Wellington!! It was kinda a ✨rest day✨ without actually being a rest day at all. We had no work things scheduled, because the wonderful Maddy from WellingtonNZ had kindly made us the most AMAZING itinerary to help us rediscover Welly (we all went to uni here but it’s changed SO much since then), and I neeeeed to talk to you about it!!
The day started off on E-bikes (which we got from Switched On Bikes) and even though you know I ride my lil pink E-bike ALL the time in Auckland, this was Rubes, Liv and Ben’s first time on them!! It was a gorg day in Welly (can’t beat it on a good day eh?) so we took them for a hoon around the bays, and stopped at Maranui Cafe (an old surf life-saving club and one of our faves from waaay back) for a hearty brekky to refuel.
biker gang at Lyall Bay
biker gang at Lyall Bay
After brekky we biked back into town, watched some dudes doing parkour, looked at some of the amazing WOW outfits on display, and then popped back to where we’re staying (the gorg Naumi hotel) to do some work. The lobby here is the most LUCE thing ever - it’s pink and green and sparkly and flowery and just the chicest place ever. (Lol, I’m proofreading this and it makes me sound like I think I’m really chic. I don’t, but I aspire to be as chic as this lobby.)
After doing a nice lil bit of work we went to Chaat Street- an AMAZING Indian eatery that does Indian cuisine like we’ve never had it before. It’s based around Indian street food, and it’s so FRESH and the staff are soooo knowledgeable (and have really good recs.) If you go there (and you should) get the Gol-Gappe (the most fun and flavourful DIY snack you’ll ever have) and the Papri Chaat (they call it ‘Indian nachos’ but that is NOT doing it justice). This was 100% my FAVE meal of the day and I’m gonna be telling everyone to go here for a looong time.
Then we had another quick work break (and a lil look through some shops) before getting to do something that as a kid I always dreamed of… we went to the Wellington Chocolate Factory and got to MAKE OUR OWN BLOCKS OF CHOCOLATE! At this point, the team were all on such a high from the day that when we added a (watermelon) sugar high into the mix we were literally kids in a candy shop. We met the gorgeous Danielle who told us she was used to working with children, so she handled and matched our energy in the best way ever. We got to learn about how they go from bean to bar in the most ethical way they can (so interesting) and then do a lil tasting of some choccy, before getting to select our own toppings and create our own bars!!
Rubes made some iconic combos
Rubes made some iconic combos
Shit You Should Choc About
Shit You Should Choc About
This was such a highlight for us!! Honestly, I felt like Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory for the entire hour we were there, but sometimes you just have to indulge - when in Welly right??
After the chocolate factory we took a much-needed nap (sugar highs come with sugar crashes, naturally) before heading to the last item on today’s itinerary - a gorg dinner at Kisa, which is a Middle Eastern/Turkish-inspired restaurant (my FAVE cuisine) where we got to meet Maddy and thank her for looking after us!! Our wonderful waitress Sophie also popped over and asked if we were the gals from SYSCA which is always buzzy, but really cute (she must have heard the chaos coming from our table.) The food here was inCREDIBLE, and our fave dishes were ANYTHING that involved eggplant, and the Lor cheese dip (soooo yum) with their house pita. Another big tick from us!!!
The day was so busy that by the time we got home I was too knocked out to even THINK about making yesterday’s day in the life TikTok, but keep an eye out for that today!!!
PS, if you’re in Welly and wanna come hang out, we have our coffee catch up at Egmont St Eatery at 12pm-2pm today, so you should come say hi!!
  • The Swiss government is discriminating against men
  • Bel Chimes In: With A Glossary Of Everything We’ve Been Talking About Lately
  • The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time
  • Do you say ‘No’ or ‘Naur?’
  • Something spesh bc I love you 🥺
The Swiss government is discriminating against men
A headline I didn’t expect to see but a super interesting story! The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has found that the Swiss government is discriminating against men when it comes to pension benefits. Right now, women whose husbands die are paid a pension for the rest of their lives, but men in the same situation will only receive payments if they have children under 18 (and payments will stop when their children are above 18.)
The argument for this was that men are the ‘breadwinners’ so will go back to work and keep making money, and return to work when the children become adults.
Now - thanks to a case centring on a man called Max Beeler, whose wife died in an accident back in the early 1990s, and quit his job to care for their two young children - laws are changing. 
“The court found that the role of women in the workplace had changed, and so the discrepancy violated Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights in discriminating against men.”
Mr Beeler will now receive his pension, and other widowers will be able to come forward to claim unpaid benefits, meaning millions of dollars are expected to be paid out. The pension laws will also be rewritten - a super interesting story!
Bel Chimes In: With A Glossary Of Everything We've Been Talking About Lately
This section is written by my crush, the refreshing-as-a-house-chardonnay-on-a-steamy-day, Bel Hawkins. You should check out more of her beautiful words here.  
Another week moving on by means another week j'adoring being in your inboxes! As always, love reading your sweet responses, which Luce and I affectionately call our regular dopamine hit in between life’s chaoses, and love bringing you here to my softcore philosophy corner. This is a precious universe to be a part of! Thanks for letting me stay <3 
Ok, so we’ve talked a lot about fun, buzzy, sometimes sad, sometimes hard stuff (I’m a sucker for vulnerability, I think it’s the best way to live), so I thought this week, while the SYSCA gals are on the road, I’d put all our words in one place. In no particular order (OK, except for the first):
Phoenixing - OK, this had to come first because it is, in my humble opinion, the word of the year. It came about after my life burning down over Christmas, spending most of summer feeling like the before photo of a home renovation show, and then meeting this crazy kind of energy we now call PHOENIXING. You can have a phoenixing era, phase, day, state of mind. It means you are soaring out of that ashen hell into something you couldn’t be otherwise. A bird set free. 
Lemonied - Inspired by the books Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, this word refers to those times in life when a series of things feel like they go wrong, one after the other, in quick succession. You can say, ‘I’ve just been fucking Lemonied,’ or a phrase to the same sentiment. Often the precursor to Phoenixing.
There were all those dating terms, but I think my favourite is baiting - which is consciously posting content online you know your crush (most common) /ex/nemesis will see to get a rise/response/attention from. I love it because we know we’re doing it, don’t often admit to it, and do it anyway. Worth interrogating why next time you do! What’s meant for you won’t pass you by <3
Titanicing - The quick side story on this one is when I was like, nine, my family’s house caught on fire, and we had to live with friends for a while as it was being rebuilt. During that time, my friend and I became obsessed with watching the Titanic and thus, my love for it has never waned. To titanic (verb) means you’re slipping downhill very quickly. Like, 3pm on the work day, and you’ve lost all energy. Or out on a Saturday and you want to go home very immediately. Or, on a more serious note, the opposite of phoenixing. Titanicing must be met with an action plan for full resurrection :)
Irishing - Ok ok ok, A LOT of you came back with some gorge alt suggestions for this (Irish Goodbyeing - leaving a party and not telling anyone). I think my favourite was Houdining BUT I also loved how many gorge Irish people who messaged us saying how friendly and adoring you are as a culture. The SYSCA gals use Irishing for short, and we love you Ireland, and if we get to do a world tour, you know where we’re coming.
Glass ceilinged - Used to describe shitty things that are happening at work because you’re a woman. We will shatter this goddam thing, together.
Cocooning - A self-caring anti-social state (or one you go into side-by-side with friends) to fill your cup back up, either on a weeknight or on weekends. Best done by telling your besties what you’re doing and in a soft pant and phone on flight mode. You know we approve. As long as you come back to us.
Pulling the clutch out -  An office favourite in our world at the moment, but referring to when you had a big night out, lost all inhibition (or your spare key, in my case) and had a bloody good time. ‘No, Bel, clutch was pulled completely out, clutch is on the ground’ is a text I have definitely both sent and refused and often after a clutch pulling comes a week of entering a zen-like state of greens and the above cocooning. We try! 
I love that you love these as much as we do! In the meantime, welcoming any further editions to the glossary.
Love you! Love us! Hope you enjoy! Til next week. xo
[Luce note: PLZ let me know the words you’re adding to your vocab!!! I use ‘phoenixing’ and ‘pulling the clutch out’ at LEAST once a day. Love u all & love words xx]
The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time
how sick is this GIF
how sick is this GIF
Sometimes listicles actually slay, and I can’t imagine this would have been an easy one to put together, so to honour the hard work of Rolling Stone, I’m gonna put the top 10 here and we can argue about whether we agree or not!
  1. The Sopranos
  2. The Simpsons
  3. Breaking Bad
  4. The Wire
  5. Fleabag
  6. Seinfeld
  7. Mad Men
  8. Cheers
  9. Atlanta
  10. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
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Do you say 'no' or 'NAUUR'?
A mundane poll for all my Australian angels (and to see who is honest)
  • 82% think they say ‘no’
  • 18% admit to saying ‘nauuur’
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